Tools for astronomy, data analysis, time series, numerical simulations and more! These are modules I wrote which I find useful – for whatever reason – in my research.

List of submodules available:

  • astro: astronomy
  • dsp: signal processing
  • lsd: misc. operations on arrays, lists, dictionaries and sets
  • stats: statistical methods
  • plots: custom plots
  • fermi: Fermi LAT analysis methods
  • bayes: Bayesian tools for dealing with posterior distributions
  • grmhd: tools for dealing with GRMHD numerical simulations
  • sed: tools for dealing with spectral energy distributions (SEDs)

Code available on Github.


Example 1: Remove all nan and inf (\(\infty\)) elements from a numpy array.

>>> import nmmn.lsd, numpy
>>> x=numpy.array([1,2,numpy.nan,numpy.inf])
>>> xok=nmmn.lsd.delweird(x)

Example 2: Reads SED generated by grmonty.

>>> import nmmn.sed
>>> s=nmmn.sed.SED()
>>> s.grmonty('grmonty.spec')
>>> plot(s.lognu, s.ll)

Now it is easy to compute the bolometric luminosity: s.bol().


  • [ ] need more examples

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